RV Adventures, Nguyen-ing It – Part 21: Jackson, CA

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Someone from one of our other RV Park adventures mentioned Jackson Rancheria RV Park as being one of the nicest they had been to, so we to a chance, and were not disappointed. It is an absolutely gorgeous RV Park. It looks and feels new, all of the spaces were really wide, and the staff were the nicest staff we have encountered. In fact, we had only reserved for one night, and went to the office on Friday morning, and staff worked their magic to keep us in the same spot for another night. They have nice bathrooms/showers. Cathe and Col really enjoyed the outdoor hot tubs (there are two of them), especially since Cathe was having issues with her back. It is a beautiful RV Park with great views.

There is a shuttle that runs every 20 to 25 minutes from the RV Park to the Casino and Hotel. As it goes through the RV Park, you just flag it down, and on the way back, you tell the driver what the site number is. After 11pm, you can call dispatch to have them pick you up or drive you back (for those who are late night gamblers). They have really nice buffets at the Casino, including the seafood buffet (for about $33 a person) open on Friday through Sundays, that includes whole lobster, different crabs (including king, snow,  and dungeness). It is a nice alternative to Seven Feathers RV Resort in Oregon (though we will also go back to there at some point).

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    1. Yeah, Cathe was asked to do full-time long-term subbing for special ed pre-K to Second Grade. I get to be stay-at-home dad, which is a blast. I am getting to scuplt an adolescent mind (or maybe the boy just lets me think I am making a difference). We also had a long list of warranty things on the Rig, so it is in the shop. Hope to have a short adventure during winter break. Cathe is now applying for a Master’s program in teaching, she likes it so much, which may start this Jan. I think I have released a education monster…
      Hope all is well with you.

      1. Hi Loc,

        Sorry to hear your travels wound down but you certainly covered quite a bit of mileage from that tax deductible RV 😉
        Hope you have a great winter adventure.

        Thanks for posting the St. Croix resources. Weather was not cooperating this year but booked for 2018.

        Hope all is well and I hope the next chapter of your journey as exciting as the last one. All your posts about seafood buffets and Harris Ranch steak….Time to roll out the grill and throw on some tri tip!

        Take care,

        Joe (from bsg)

        1. Hi Joe, yes, it has wound down a bit. With the hurricanes, I thought I would wait a bit, but will add a few more St. Croix posts. Hope all is well with you.

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